Sunday, December 11, 2011

Top of My Christmas List

I've been on the hunt for a new camera, and I think I finally found the perfect one today. It's a good mix between a pocket-sized digital camera for snapping pics while out with friends and a nicer, more professional camera I've been asking for forever. And how cute is the pink? Although, white might be more practical...

Love always, Em.

Turkey Break

I'm a little late on this one, but I wanted to share some photos from my Thanksgiving break at home. There's nothing I love more than returning home to my best friends and family. Getting to catch up and having nights out with my best friends are some of my most cherished activities, since it's something that doesn't happen all too often, and might happen even less after we all graduate in the spring and move to different cities all over the country. While we still have the opportunity, I plan on taking advantage of time we have together.

Enjoy the pics. 

Love always, Em. 

Christmas lights in downtown Clarendon Hills!

Two of my beautiful best friends, Morgan and Alexis.
I'm wearing: top-NastyGal; jacket-NastyGal; booties-Urban Outfitters; Jeans-Citizens of Humanity; watch-Michael Kors; necklaces-Urban Outfitters and Green Goddess.
My other two beautiful best friends, Brooke and Camille.

Goofballs at Tracy's: Nick, Ben and Greg.
Middle school loves: Candace and Nick.

The day I got home for break, my family and I (and Morgan - practically family!) went to the Zac Brown Band concert. He is AMAZING live - sounds exactly the same live as he does on the album. Such a great night. 

The newlyweds: Caitlin and Steve.
My cousin Sam (who was clearly participating in Movember) and his girlfriend, Haley.


Friday, December 9, 2011

Take a Holiday with Her Campus

Ahhh, finally, a break from the madness of finals week. It's been pretty crazy for me the past week and a half between doing last minute prep for the Her Campus Illinois event and studying for my finals/projects/papers, which were all conveniently crunched into three consecutive days. Endless work = no sleep for four straight days. Talk about exhausted....

But, I decided to muster up enough energy to make a much need blog post about the HC Illinois event last week that the other exec members (love you Katie and Sam) and I have been planning (with the help of some amazing Illini Public Relations Association girls and our incredible HC staff) for the past two months. The event was called "Take a Holiday with Her Campus" and all proceeds raised - about $2,000!!!- are helping us buy Christmas presents for underprivileged children through Northwestern Settlement. The event featured booths from businesses like Morgan Byrne Cosmetics, VS Pink at U of I,, Stella and Dot, Rod Sickler, Apple, Camp Gladiator, students Caroline Pahl and Gina Chinino, and Rent-the-Runway Illinois where they either performed or talked about their services. There was also three entertainment acts: a fashion show by Rent-The-Runway, 3 Spot dance team, Illini Dance Team and the amazing a capella group called The Other Guys. We had many, many generously donated raffle prizes up for grabs, and even gave swag bags full of great goodies to the first 50 girls to arrive (can you believe we had a line at the door before we started??). And how could I forget the yummy holiday treats supplied by my great helpers and some festive music from two awesome student deejays?

The event was such a success (the RTR fashion show was even featured on a USA Today blog!) and I was so thrilled with the turn out! I learned a lot (like what I will do differently in planning my next event), including that I could really see myself having a future in some sort of event coordination! I couldn't have done it without Katie, Sam, my mom and aunt who came down the day of to help, the participating businesses, and of course, the amazing team of outstanding girls!

Here are some pictures of the event, all taken by my three amazing photogs Saige Hooker, Lizzie Evans and Victoria Herold. Oh, and cell phone pics by moi:)

Love always, Em. 

Raffle Prize: VIP cards to Kam's.

The Other Guys are A-MA-ZING.
Vera Bradley basket donated by Paisley on Main.
Announcing raffle prize winners.

And more anouncing.'s booth, featuring Sushi!

Thanks to our amazing deejays, Bart and Neil.

Rent-the-Runway models getting ready.

Some of my coveted HC/PRA helpers!
Guests enjoying their free issue of IMPULSE magazine that came in the swag bag.

The Rent-the-Runway Illinois team! Me, Carly, Caroline, Hannah, Catherine, Keri and Julia.

My amazing HC Illinois execs! Katie, me and Sam - couldn't have done it without you two!

Morgan Byrne doing her thing!
Rod Sickler stylists doing a guest's hair.

RTR booth.

Camp Gladiator booth - thanks so much Amanda!

Illini VS Pink booth.

Outstanding raffle table.

RTR student models pose before the fashion show!

Morgan Byrne promo cards.

NARS for miles.

Adorable centerpieces - great job Katie!

Delicious homemade peppermint bark.

Stella & Dot necklace for sale at the booth....

I HAD to buy it:)

Stelle & Dot booth - big thanks to Tracey Ratner!

Chloe + Isabel cuff generously donated by Alexis Ward.
4 Cubs tickets up for grabs!

Girls in line waiting to get swag bags!

What a great team!

Lots and lots of goodies.

Raffle table.
Lights for the fashion show.

Still not exactly clear about what Her Campus is? The video interview I did for the Illinois Admission's YouTube channel should help a bit:)