Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Met Gala 2011 - Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

The annual Met Gala might be one of the best nights of the year in terms of celebrity gatherings. And it also may arguably be the best display and appreciation of fashion. This year,  the gala honored the work of the late Alexander McQueen, which coincided perfectly with the tribute to his fashion house when Sarah Burton's breathtaking design for Kate Middleton and Prince William's Royal Wedding was revealed three days earlier.

Here's some of my feedback to the fashion of this ever-so-stylish evening with the stars.


She looks like an innocent, chic ballerina. The color is beautiful on her, and her makeup is stunning.

A literally glowing mom-to-be. Love the delicateness of the skirt.
So mature and modern chic with a little touch of sexy due to the side cut-out. Plus, she totally rocks the pale look.

Risky but i love it. Trains are my thing lately.

This color is AMAZING and could he body be any better?

Love that the color matches her skin so well, and the sequin detailing is gorgeous.

The uber high slit is balanced out by the demure feeling of this "old hollywood" dress.

Another glowing mom-to-be. The color looks so great on her, although I'm not sure about the hair brooch.

Another ballerina-esque dress. Love it. And I always love me some Marchesa.

Maybe a too hippie, boho for the Met Gala, but she can totally pull it off. Plus, I am obsessed with her make-up.   


I would love this 20s feeling dress for a normal occasion, but I thought it was a bit too casual for the Met Gala. LOVE the shoes.

I have mixed feelings about this....red looks great on her but the dress doesn't do much for me.

I'm torn because I LOVE her but I don't love this dress. She looks beautiful (it's impossible for her not to), but something about the boobs is odd.


She's adorable but that doesn't mean she can pull off a shapeless dress with far too much fabric.

I hare everything about it: the dress, the hair....especially the hair. Why is it that she always feels the need to be naked or wear as revealing an outfit as possible?

It feels good to be back!!!

<3 Em

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