Friday, April 27, 2012

Collaboration with Jessie Whitman of Dirty Little Notions

Hey everyone! Sorry, it's been pretty crazy with it being the last few weeks of school. I still haven't wrapped my head around the fact that I have my last class EVER next Wednesday and come May 12 I am officially a member of the real world...this is just too crazy. I was telling a friend the other day that I still feel like I'm sixteen, so how is it possible that I'm graduating college. I remember the day I left home for school like it was just yesterday. 

One thing I'm going to miss about this campus is being able to so easily collaborate with the amazing, talented and passionate students that live here. Like, for example, Jessie Whitman of Dirty Little Notions. We teamed up a couple weeks ago to have her style and shoot some chloe + isabel jewelry to feature on her AMAZING blog. I wanted to give you a little peak here, but be sure to go over to her page to view the whole thing. Sorry about the less-than-professional photos...I had to be the photographer since Jessie was wearing the jewelry, and let's just say I'm still learning how to work an SLR.

Jessie also interviewed me and did a little feature about me for her blog, so I wanted to share that as well because I'm so honored, flattered, happy, get it. It was just such a compliment that she wanted to interview me about my experience in fashion, both on and off campus, and just some things about life in general. Thanks, Jessie!

Enjoy all the pictures! All photo credit to Jessie Whitman:)

Love always, Em. 

chloe + isabel pictures:

Jessie's c+i picks!


Pictures from my interview:

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