Wednesday, January 12, 2011

the city that never sleeps

First of all, let me say that I'm SO sorry for how terrible I've been about keeping up lately. After painfully (yet successfully) lugging three suitcases of clothes, shoes, accessories, toiletries and random belongings to New York last Thursday, I am now officially settled in my apartment!!! It's so weird living here - I'm slowly adjusting but loving this city so far. As far as work...hours are longer than I anticipated (which is why I'm so bad about posting) but I'm learning a lot at Teen Vogue. 11 hour days full of non-stop work do really pay-off.

My intention was to take a picture every morning of my outfit, but I've forgotten to these past few days. I will TRY my best to remember tomorrow in the rush of the morning!
For now, here are some pictures of the Big Apple and all of its amazingness! They're just cell phone pics because I haven't gotten to take any quality ones yet. 

There are many more posts to come this weekend in my free time because I have so much great stuff to share with you all!!
As always, thanks for reading (especially this long post).

Columbus Circle and the Time Warner shopping center right outside of Central Park

The scenery on my 4-block walk to and from work everyday

One of Jason's favorite stores...I send him picture updates quite frequently since he loves to shop almost as much as I do

Times Square when it's not rainy or snowy

Tory Burch display at Bloomingdale's (which is AMAZING)  - sent to my sister, the Tory Burch freak

The tkts bleachers at night in Times Square - love to just walk around and shop at night

The last day the the tree was up at Rockefeller Plaza

The Palace where MANY scenes from Gossip Girl were filmed

The Waldorf Astoria where my friends and I stayed for Alexis' Sweet 16

The restaurant (Chicago location) where Jason and I went on our first date

Inside The Palace - it's beautiful

The view of St. Pat's from The Palace

A picture sent to my dad of one of his favorites - Facconable

Radio City - where the Rockettes perform

And during the daytime

St. Pat's

Lincoln Center - where Fashion Week is now held

Columbus Circle at night

Bryant Park (where Fashion Week used to be held) -  taken while out on a pick-up

Snowy Times Square

<3 Em 

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