Friday, May 25, 2012

you're looking at the new.... + isabel brand ambassador

My best friend, Alexis (who is also a merchandiser for c+i), and I, were selected amongst all the merchandisers across the country to be the first c+i brand ambassadors. (I cannot begin to tell you how flattered/honored/excited/anxious about hearing the news!) With offices on both coasts - SF and NYC, there's not quite as strong c+i presence in the Midwest. But that will all change soon enough! Alexis and I are testing out this new position by spreading the c+i love and finding the perfect people to build a prominent c+i team here. With tasks like hosting several trunk shows, attending local events to spread the word (and pass out some free swag!), administering Facebook campaigns, interacting with potential future merchandisers and ultimately just embodying the c+i brand, we will be working all summer to test run the brand ambassador position. And let me tell you,we could not be more excited! We have so many fun, innovative ideas in store and we are anxious to get them rolling.

With technically no "office" to report to, Alexis and I have been spending quite a bit of time holed up at Starbucks or my house. And when we get together, we're in complete work mode. When the wheels start turning, there's no turning them off. 

When we met the other day at my house for a conference call with our amazing boss Katrina, it didn't surprise me one bit to see Alexis dressed as if she was headed to a corporate office. She's always been one to dress to the nines for all occasions, and this was no different. I had just gotten my brand new Sony a57 the day before, so it was the perfect opportunity to have my first impromptu photo session. Her outfits are always photo ready, and of course, the look was complete with none other than some of the latest c+i jewelry! I just love it all around, but I have to say it was a bit weird to see Alexis looking all grown up and mature...I still think of us as college students.

Keep posted for more to come on the adventures that the brand ambassador position is sure to have in store for us, as more as frequent photos now that I finally have the camera I've been dreaming about for years. 

As always, enjoy the pictures.

 Turtle Ring: chloe + isabel.
All jewelry: chloe + isabel.

Open Work Patina Cuff: chloe + isabel
Shirt: Forever 21; Skirt: DVF.
Briefcase/laptop holder by TUMI.
Shoes: Dolce Vita.
Purse: Coach.

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