Monday, December 13, 2010

the holiday season

Holiday Parties/Clothes 
Festive Shoes
Hinsdale Christmas Walks

Butch McGuire's Decorations

Chicago Christmas

Tridelta Christmas Tree

Red Lipstick

Jason's Puppy Playing in the Snow

Oxford, OH Winter Visits.

Watching my boyfriend scrape off the snow from inside my warm car

Don't give me that look...YOU stole my ice scraper

U of I winters

Christmas trees everywhere - including my favorite Mexican restaurant in Champaign, Dos Reales

Re-uniting with best friends
Siblings and Nephew

Beautiful Christmas Tree

Reading "The Night Before Christmas"


The City

The Eeyore Decoration at Butch McGuire's

Tridelta Gift Exchanges

Jetting off to Cabo

Breathtaking Views from my Balcony

Sunsets & Relaxation

Getting to Spend Time with Jason after a Semester Apart

.....Are all reasons why I LOVE Christmas!!

<3 Em

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