Sunday, December 26, 2010


I was very fortunate to get some really AWESOME presents this year. Here they are, and there are a few more to come. My boyfriend and I exchanged late so those pics will be up soon. I hope santa treated everyone well:)

Some items that I opened to late to post are all gifts from my boyfriend - I'll post them later. They are:
-Tiffany's double heart necklace engraved with an "E"
-Missoni scarf
-Sparkly black Toms
-Arm warmers/gloves from Norstrom
-Engraved wooden wine opener
-A one night stay in my favorite hotel in London when he comes to visit in May!

He went WAY overboard.

A gift basket from my boyfriend's mom (she organized it when I thought I was going to study abroad in Paris. I decided on London though). Includes: a canvas purse, silver necklace, London and Paris guides, a Paris-themed notebook, nutella, croissants and a decorative bin.

The two books my sister got me to help prepare myself for my time in NYC!!!

Fun bauble necklace, new makeup brushes, Gap makeup bag and a NARS lip gloss - all from my mom.

Various gloves: black iPhone friendly gloves, blue sequin arm warmers from Nordstrom, gray and magenta arm warmers and army green Ann Taylor Loft gloves.

Gap multi-colored, sparkly flats.

Ann Taylor Loft army green/gray leather coat. My first real leather coat!

Ann Taylor Loft army green wool blazer with fur collar! So excited to wear this in NYC and London!

Dolce Vita brown leather boots, ordered from

Canvas and sequin tote from Ann Taylor Loft (currently serving as my beach bag in Cabo).

Anthropologie knit gloves with embroidered bow detailing.

PossĂ© leather fringed purse -  a gift from my sister and her fiancĂ© which was purchased on

Chicago Cubs zip-up sweater - a gift from my dad, the ultimate Cubs fan. Perfect for attending games to which my dad holds season tickets - I told you he was a big fan!

Army green sequined cardigan from Express.

Another sequined tote - this time from Gap.

Victoria's Secret gift card from my dad - he gives my sister and I one each year.

Door alarm, pepper spray and more pepper spray  - protective devices from my mom. I think she's trying to prepare me for New York.                                                                            

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  1. Wow. You really lucked out this year. Love those boots and gloves. I also got pepper spray from an over-protective dad. The only thing I don't like is the Chicago Cubs zip-up and that's only because I'm a Phillies fan. Merry Christmas!