Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thanksgiving Break...long overdue

Just a small (not really) collection of photos from my Thanksgiving break:)

My sister's dog, Macy. Always the life of the party...until she falls asleep while halfway laying on a couch.

My brother, Chris, is a master chef. And there are his creations.

My mom LOVES Macy.

My nephew, Christopher, getting his foot eaten by Macy.

He hates pictures; I caught him by surprise.

A beautiful flower arrangement compliments of my aunt.

Best buds.

Me, Camille and Candace enjoying our nights off.

The engaged couple...minutes after the engagement!!

Haha. Sleeping with her legs on the ground.

She only chews her bone if someone holds it. Can you say spoiled?

Love at first sight.

Her new winter sweater.

She's winking at me.

Slowly falling asleep.

The happy, and now engaged, couple!



Look at that face...

And that one...

Mom and my sister, Caitlin.

Macy satisfying her odd foot fetish.

Hard at work.

Me, Jenna and Courtney at Supo's amazing 21st birthday.

<3 Em

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