Thursday, January 19, 2012

Another sneaker obsession!

I recently saw these special edition Converse sneakers in Nylon magazine, and instantly began searching for them. Sadly, I have only found them to be entirely sold out or not available in my size. I seriously want these - sparkles, pink, sneakers...I'm in! If anyone knows where I might find them, please let me know! Until then, the search continues....

Love always, Em.

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  1. Hi Emily,

    I don't know if you're still looking for these or not but I can tell you they are available at Bloomingdales. I just bought a size 8 - I am usually a 6.5 in Australia but I noticed the size 8 was only 24.5cm and so with a fattish sort of sock I should be able to fill that. I bought a size US 8 pair of polka dot shoes in ADIDAS and they are enormous but apparently their shoes run very big anyway. I am in Australia and the International shipping was only $9.99 (although they did up the price of the product by $30.00 as opposed to the $100.00 price offered on the US store website). So not much of a saving overall.

    Hope you can find them in your size at Bloomgingdales!