Thursday, January 19, 2012

What happens in Cabo...

...unfortunately stays in Cabo. Especially my tan. It's exactly two weeks since my return from my 10-day vacation in Cabo, and I have the fading tan to prove it. Cabo was perfect - relaxing, spending lots of time with family, lots of reading, rejuvenating, and a ton of fun. But coming home meant a harsh slap in the face from reality - back to school (for my last semester of college, ahhh!), setting out on the job search, and ultimately trying to figure out what the heck I'm going to do with my life in just four months time. 
After being thrown back into the grind, reminiscing about Cabo is all I can do to keep me sane. What I would give to go back...

Love always, Em. 

One of the best parts of going to Mexico - getting to drink Coca Light!

The tequila brand my sister handles advertising for! Check it out here.

The party hangout - Mango Deck.
Jason and I before dinner at Maro's Shrip House. Outfit - dress: Urban Outfitters; necklace: Chloe + Isabel .
Sounds gross, but it's actually really good! And I usually hate tequila...
Arm party! Bracelets from left: J.Crew, Ann Taylor Loft, Mexico vendor,  Forever 21.
Jason soaking up the sun:)
Chloe + Isabel necklace I borrowed from my sister!

I have devil eyes...
The whole gang eating at our favorite restaurant in Cabo - Ediths!  Me, Dad, Mom, Caitlin, Steve and Jason.

Cutest coasters ever - I had to buy some!
Jason and I at Cabo Wabo.
The fam:) Outfit- blouse: Willow&Clay; necklace: gifted from my friend Brooke; shorts (not pictured): TopShop. My mom is wearing my sheer shawl from River Island in London!
The parentals. 
Cabo Wabo.

Awesome lanterns at Ediths! My dad and I obsess over them every year so he decided to buy some this year!

Caitlin & Mom. Caitlin is wearing my cream flowered tank from Urban Outfitters.
Our other favorite restaurant in Cabo - The Office! You're guaranteed an entertaining and delicious meal when you eat there!
Jason and I at the Office. Outfit - blouse and pants: Urban Outfitters.
More colorful lanterns!
My NYE nails - sparkly, of course!
Jewelry overload, per usual. Wearing - turquoise ring: Forever 21; bottom silver ring: David Yurman gifted from my best friend Alexis; multi-colored ring: Mexico; laser-cut leather cuff: The District (a boutique in my hometown).
Smily parents on NYE.
The newlyweds on NYE.
The "kids".
Baby you're a FIREWORK!

NYE - it was a bit foggy in Pink Kitty...
NYE <3

My 2012 motto.
Blurry NYE picture.

Pool outfit - classy mirror pic.
Last night out at Squid Roe.

The best French Toast everrrr!
Jason and I. Outfit- blouse: Audrey 3+1 from Bella Mia boutique; necklace: Chloe + Isabel; shorts: TopShop; watch: Michael Kors.
Beach time! Wearing - hat: Urban Outfitters; swimsuit: Lucky Brand form Nordstrom.

The boys during a day meal at The Office.

Sailing - totally in his element.

First night (hence the paleness) at Cabo Wabo.

Just dancing by ourselves...normal.



Back to the Chi.

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