Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Welcome to Miami

Before I returned to Champaign following winter break, I made a short (5-hour) road trip to Miami....of Ohio, that is. I decided to go visit my boyfriend since I had a free weekend and because I knew this semester would be busy and that I wouldn't have many free weekends to visit him. And, for the first time ever, my friend Morgan came with to experience good ole Oxford, OH. The weekend was a blast - spending time with those " sparkling gems" is always entertaining. Getting to show Morgan the ins n' outs of Miami was great - I felt like her own personal tour guide.

Here are some pictures from the weekend full of non-stop, thigh-slapping laughter. 

Love always, Em.

The open road....and all it's beautiful scenery. 
Morgan and I - both sporting my leather jackets. Mine: NastyGal; Morgan's: Ann Taylor Loft.

Jason thinks he can dance...

What a weirdo.

Another road trip passenger, Shea!

Nothing beats Bagel and Deli and Starbucks on a Saturday morning!

Starbucks and a mimosa.

My favorite Oxford eatery - Bagel and Deli.

A new game I learned - Sink the biz.

The two sparkling gems. 

Dinner time! Outfit - sweater: Free People; earrings: Urban Outfitters.

Jason's massive plate of sushi compliments of Sushi Nara.

The host with the most:)

It wouldn't be a complete weekend without a little Bieber action.

Great end to a great weekend.

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