Monday, August 13, 2012

Hair Envy

Yes, I spend way too much time blog surfing. But it's just so entertaining. I'm fascinated by random people's lives {that's the journalist in me}, which is why I find myself reading blogs for hours and hours. People are just SO incredibly interesting. 

In my routine blog exploration yesterday, I came across a blog that is now going to be regular read. Amber of Barefoot Blonde is not only has great style, but she's beautiful, witty and has ah-mazing hairstyles to share. Literally, her hair is always picture perfect, and makes me totally jealous. I've vowed to start trying some new hairstyles instead of my daily, un-brushed, wavy mess. We'll see how this goes... Here are some of my favorite hairstyles of hers. Told you, literally amazing.

Make sure to visit her blog for hair tutorials.

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