Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Morgan Marie Beauty

The beauty of having my own blog is the fact that I have the liberty to - rather shamelessly - make plugs for brands and companies I love. And even better is when I can do this for a best friend, like I'm about to do. But here's the catch...I have no shame in this plug because I know that you will all be better off for knowing about {and possibly using} this company. 

My friendship aside, the duo of makeup artists that make up {no pun intended} Morgan Marie Beauty are worthy of the highest regard and recommendation. 

Morgan Byrne {the Morgan in 'Morgan Marie'} is one of my closest friends, and while you may think I'm biased in my feelings about her and her limitless talent, you can ask any former customer of hers and see that I'm not alone in my sentiments.

Now a little bit about Morgan Marie Beauty....


Morgan Marie Beauty is a mobile makeup service committed to offering its clients a variety of luxurious cosmetic options including makeup for weddings, special events, consultations, commercial work, and much more.


Morgan Marie Beauty is dedicated to helping people feel beautiful and inspiring confidence in women through the use of finer quality cosmetic products and tools.

Morgan Byrne and Marie Neri met while working together in the cosmetic department of Nordstrom Oakbrook. Through various events and projects, they discovered a common interest for exciting new beauty trends and lavish makeup products. Morgan and Marie then decided they wanted to share their passions with a wider audience and work towards spreading finer beauty services to the greater Chicagoland area. Now as a team, under the name Morgan Marie Beauty, they aspire to helping women everywhere feel beautiful and confident.

Morgan Byrne has been a practicing, professional makeup artist for seven years, which has given her the expertise to offer exceptional consultations. Throughout the years, she has worked for numerous makeup and beauty giants, specifically Kiehl’s, Smashbox, Dior, and NARS, as well as with notable celebrity makeup artists.

Morgan has done makeup consultations for several industries and events, including live television, high definition television, photo shoots, live televised parades, weddings, ad campaigns, magazine work and other various formal events. In addition to being featured in several publications for her work with NARS, Morgan has won various awards, most notably one for excellence in artistry from the CEO of NARS.

Marie Neri is a professional makeup artist based in the Chicagoland area with over 15 years of experience. She began her career by gaining her cosmetology license at the Tricoci School of Beauty. From there, Marie moved to freelance makeup artistry for LancĂ´me cosmetics. Eventually she began work for Chanel as a freelance makeup artist. Under these positions, she has worked several trend shows and fashion shows as well as worked with various celebrity makeup authorities.

Marie has worked under Chanel for 10 years and has completed the Chanel Advanced Makeup Academy program. She has been nationally and locally recognized for her many sales efforts. Currently Marie acts as Business Manager for Chanel Cosmetics at Nordstrom Oakbrook. Under her direction, the Oakbrook Chanel team remains #1 of all Midwestern cosmetic counters.


When it came time for my sister to choose a makeup artist for her wedding last October, there was no hesitation in her decision to ask Morgan. And let me tell you, Morgan wasn't chosen because she's my friend. If you know my sister, you know that she's quite picky and has an affinity towards high quality. She is a perfectionist. She wouldn't have chosen a makeup artist simply by association. She chose a makeup artist that she knew would make her feel beautiful, at ease and ecstatic on the biggest day of her life - and that's why she chose Morgan. And that's exactly what she got with Morgan. 

I can assure you that all Morgan Marie customers, both past and present, receive the same quality experience. 

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Please browse through the pictures below to view previous work by the Morgan Marie Beauty artists {including my sister's wedding}!

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  1. Great post...the transformations on some of these pictures are incredible!