Monday, August 13, 2012

Oh, Miley.

After seeing Miley in this month's Marie Claire, there's simply no denying that she looks good. The spread is pretty amazing, and I must say that MC put her in an awesome range of looks. From paparazzi photos (not to mention this spread), it's clear that engagement suits her. She's in enviable shape thanks to what seems like 5-times daily pilates (she never misses a photo op to casually flaunt her newly ripped abs), and I must say I'm totally loving her recent switch to true blonde. (Note the first picture below...she's finally discovered that blondes do in fact have more fun). And I must admit that I'm totally jealous of her effortlessly cool, 'i don't give a s**t what people think' look. She totally owns what she wears, even if sometimes her choices are a little a lot questionable. But, like I said, with this new engagement glow (props to you, Liam), she's got my attention with her 'i-don't-try-to-look-good-even-though-i-totally-do' style. 

But then Miley went and did this, and all my previous points are now completely moot. That's called 'trying-to-hard-to-look-like-you-don't-care' Miley. Not your best look. 

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