Friday, August 10, 2012

The "Bubble" Necklace

If you read fashion blogs, even casually, you have seen the "bubble" necklace just about everywhere and on everyone. It comes in every color imaginable and seems to be the go-to statement piece. As far as I know, it was originally sold at J.Crew {and still presently is} for $150. Now, to me that price seems outrageous. {I have a hard time spending over $50 on a piece of jewelry}. But to all of the bloggers who've been sporting the bubble lately, it appears the price is right. For those of you, however, that don't have the cash or the will to drop $150 on a necklace, I've got you covered. Several online stores have come out with their own {and seemingly identical} version, and for a mere fraction of the price. Finally, a guilt-free and totally on-trend indulgence. 

1. Belle de Couture
2. The Dreamer & The Doer
3. Vivaluxury
4. Atlantic-Pacific
5. Pink Peonies

J.Crew - $150. Luxe Craving - $39

The Original

Bargain Bubbles

Please comment and let me know of other bargains I'm missing!

**Wanted to add this great tip I found via Pinterest...."bubble" necklaces in every color imaginable for only $13.99 on eBay!**

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