Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sneaker Craze

I have a tendency to get into fashion crazes - periods of time in which I'm obsessed with a certain item. Right now, the object of that all-consuming craze is sneakers {which might explain why I haven't worn anything but my multiple pairs of Converse over the past week}. I've rounded up some of my fave sneakers of the moment to admire...from a far, due to my lack of funds {thank you, Lollapalooza}. But admire, nonetheless, I will. 


I actually did manage to get my hands on a pair of sneakers today that I've been lusting for a while. I rediscovered an Amazon gift card I'd momentarily forgot about, and put it towards these Steve Madden wedged sneakers. Now I just have to practice some patience while I wait for their arrival...

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