Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Well I'm calling it a night right now {a little after 11:00 p.m.}. This is so unlike me...I usually never fall asleep before 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. I'm trying out this new 'going-to-bed-at-a-normal-person-hour' today because....I start my new job internship tomorrow! I will be working at a PR firm in Chicago, and I honestly couldn't be more excited. I'm looking forward to getting back on the grind and settling back in my work-mode. After all, it's what I do best. {I'm admittedly weird and like to be busy and relatively consumed by work...it makes me feel like I serve some importance}. So for the next three months while the full-time job search continues, I will be learning the ins and outs of the PR world. As a journalism major, I never really took any courses in public relations/advertising/marketing - except for my fashion marketing program abroad - so I'm excited for the journey ahead of learning, unavoidable trial and error, and hopefully, success. Almost all of my past extracirriculars dealt with some aspect of public relations, so I have that extensive experience to go off of. I do realize, though, that nothing is greater experience than being thrown into the real world version {forget all that college-level stuff...}. So, tomorrow marks the first day of what {hopefully} is a long and fulfilling, real-world-run of a career. Here goes nothing...

Total change of gears, but here are some pics of an outfit I wore last week. Kinda just threw this together to run some errands. I'm clearly still in the Lolla phase with this skull cut-off tank. 

I LOVE these blue-dyed jeans from American Eagle {they're among my literally 15 pairs of AE jeans}. Speaking of AE, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE visit their #liveyourlife contest page and vote for me. It seriously will only take you about 30 seconds {dependant on your internet connection}, and it would mean SO much to me. The winner is featured on a billboard in Times Square, and also wins a generous amount of money. I know this might sound frivolous, but it would be such an incredible experience, and I'd be honored to be chosen. So, if you could, please click here and hit 'VOTE' when you get to the page

If you'd like to take an extra second, comment below if you voted so I can personally thank you:)

Shirt: Urban Outfitters {similar style here}; Jeans: American Eagle; Shoes: Target; Belt: J.Crew Factory {old}; Sunglasses: Target.

Spike Bracelet : {Posh-boutique in Nashville}; Rhinestone Bracelet: Ann Taylor Loft; Skull Bracelet: Claire's; Turquoise Ring: Forever 21 {old}; Stud Bracelet: Urban Outfitters; Watch: Michael Kors; Double Ring: chloe+isabel

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  1. I am loving this outfit, so presh. So many colors, and it totally works. I am now following you!
    If you get a moment come check out my latest post!