Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Feeling Rebellious?

Those of you that know me or my style at all know that I'm pretty much drawn to anything with studs or spikes. It's almost a given that if something is studded or spiked, I'll like it. {In my opinion, this makes buying gifts for me pretty effortless.} I don't know what it is about these edgy furnishings that appeal to me. It could be how effortlessly cool, hip and even slightly rebellious - which, for those of you that also know me, is a far cry from my straight-laced personality - wearing them makes me feel. Whatever the reason, I do highly enjoy being studded out. And at the moment, these are some of the studded wonders I'm lusting after....especially the woven spiked friendship bracelets. I think I found my next DIY!

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studs & spikes

As always, all chloe+isabel jewelry {all the silver spiked jewelry you see} can be found here

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