Monday, June 4, 2012

Last Week in Review & The Weekend

Hello all! I hope everyone had a great summer weekend. Aren't summer nights just the best? There's not much I can think of that's better than a summer night in the city...

So I wanted to cover a couple things today. Now that it's officially the new start to the week, just thought I'd do a little recap of the last week. (And, not to mention, I've been looking for a reason to try out this new app I just downloaded!) Collaging is just so fun and addictive.

The next order of business is showing some pics from the weekend. It was a fun two nights of downtown Chicago adventures, and after this weekend, I am definitely looking forward to moving to the Chi sometime hopefully sooner rather than later. Here are the pics. Excuse the ones taken on my iPhone...I just don't trust myself with my new camera enough to carry it to the bars.


Spent the night out in the city with a group of my guy friends (and my sis)! Catch my outfit in more detail (with links to the products) over at 'The Dreamer & The Doer', the new blog I'm doing with my sister!


Another night in the city, but this time with some of my best friends and my boyfriend, Jason. This night's outfit is very 'me' - full of color and pattern. Had to sneak a few pics of my beautiful friends!

Blouse: Urban Outfitters; Pants: Urban Outfitters {similar style found here}; Wedges: Gap

Bracelets on left, top to bottom - Nordstrom, chloe+isabel, chloe+isabel, Camden market; Ring: Forever 21 {similar style found here}.
Jewelry on right - Bracelet: Alixandra Blue; Watch: Michael Kors; Ring: Forever 21 {similar style found here}. 

Necklace: Forever 21

Clutch: C Wonder
Clutch: Kate Spade.

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